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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fun In The Snow!

I hope you are having lots of fun in the snow today before the rain comes to wash it all away.  I'm working today, but managed to get out for a spot of sledging with friends last weekend.  I'm not quite sure who had the most fun, the adults, or the children!

Here are a few photos from our little trip out.

Daniel and Hattie making their maiden voyage down the slope!

 I'm sure Kate was getting lots of inspiration from the wintry landscape for her paintings, but she also seemed quite content chucking snowballs!  

Robin really enjoyed his little sledge run

 Daisy was content creating snow creatures and then stamping on the results

Suzi chickened out of the extreme 'sledging on a plastic bag' run after watching Daniel's efforts

Hattie in full flight...

Robin took his last mouthful of snow, and we all ventured home for a big mug of hot chocolate!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eccentronic Research Council & Maxine Peake

So, my resolution to see more live music in 2013 is off to a good start.  My task is made a little easier by having such a good venue, the Trades Club, right on my doorstep.

The Eccentronic Research Council played last weekend.  Fronted by the excellent Maxine Peake, they treated us all to tracks from their album the 1612 Overture.  It's a concept album based on the injustices of the Pendle witch trials - and very good it is too.  You can see and hear a little bit about the album in a Culture Show clip here.

After years of Pendle Hill being a significant presence on the landscape, I feel now's the time to do some reading up about it all.

The venue was fitting for such a performance with branches looming onto the stage, theatrical lighting, and the all important dry ice.  Here are a selection of images from the night......

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jonny & Betty

I'm just trying to catch up with a few shoots I did before Christmas on the blog.  Here's the first.  A lovely shoot with Jonny, Betty, Heidi & Vicky at Blake Dean, and then a little walk down into Hardcastle Crags.

I've been wanting to do a family shoot at Blake Dean for a while.  It's a gorgeous little spot just out of Hebden  Bridge, at the end of Hardcastle Crags.  When we were kids, me and my sister used to come up here with our cousins Matthew, Liz & Ben.  Remember those blissful summers with the sun beating down and the smell of sun tan lotion in the air?  We'd go up to Blake Dean, have a picnic and then paddle in the water to cool down.  It wasn't warm enough to do that on the shoot, but the light was perfect helping to bring out the colours of the bracken and the reflections in the water.

Heidi & Vicky chose the Great Outdoors package.  Betty brought a selection of handbags for the shoot, Jonny brought a chicken sandwich, and Heidi & Vicky were sporting very cool shoes (well they do own the rather fab Ruby Shoesday in Hebden Bridge!)

Here are a selection of images: